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*Please note this valuation tool (Val Pal) is for street averages and not always accurate. If you are looking to sell, we would be delighted to arrange a free in person valuation appointment.*

Arrange an Accurate Valuation

Arrange an Accurate Valuation

When considering the sale of your property, we recommend initiating the process with a complimentary pre-sale valuation performed by one of our local valuers. This property valuation will not only provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your property's current market value and potential selling price but also offer detailed insights into associated expenses of selling your home.

Let our valuers schedule a CONVENIENT VISIT to your property

Curious about the reason we place such importance on visiting your property? It's because our dedicated team of expert valuers believe in the value of seeing your property firsthand. While photos and over the phone information are helpful, there's no substitute for being on-site to deliver a thorough appraisal. Your property may have undergone changes since its last market appearance, and even interior alterations can influence its market potential. Rest assured, if there are any immediate improvements required to maximise your property's market value, we'll provide guidance during the valuation process.

In addition, we blend our local market expertise with the latest sales data to provide you with an accurate property estimate. During our visit, we engage in discussions about the current market trends, share our trusted McEwan Fraser selling strategy, and gladly address any questions you may have about our marketing services. Following the visit, you'll receive a cost-free written property valuation summary that also includes a transparent breakdown of all our associated costs.

Meet in person with our LOCAL valuers

Meet in person with our LOCAL valuers

At McEwan Fraser Legal, we're your friendly local experts covering all of Scotland. With a wealth of local knowledge and experience under our belt, our team of valuers personally appraise thousands of properties every year.

Our valuers are not just highly knowledgable; they're also approachable and always ready to help. Unlike some Estate Agents, we don't inflate property values just to win your business. Instead, we provide you with clear evidence and reasoning behind our valuations.

Make an INFORMED decision on selling your home

We believe in respecting your decision-making process. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision, at no cost and without any obligation. You can count on us as trusted experts to assist you every step of the way in your property journey.

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