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Part Exchange Your Property

Are you stuck in the property chain, trying to sell your property to buy your dream home? Are you a seller, hoping to generate more interest in your property? McEwan Fraser Legal is proud to present Scotland's first chain-breaking solution, working exclusively with MP Ltd. to offer our unique Part Exchange option. Part Exchange works for both buyers and sellers as it creates an opportunity for buyers to be able to sell their homes. Sellers will experience an increase in buyer interest for their property and they will not be restricted only to buyers who have sold their home.

If you would like to speak with one of our experienced Part Exchange consultants, please complete our online form below.

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How does Part Exchange work if I want to sell?

This unique option makes your property significantly more attractive and of huge interest to buyers who have yet to sell their own property or are struggling to sell their property. When prospective buyers are keen to purchase your property they are far more likely to make an offer if they know that they have a guaranteed offer on their own house.

This simply means that McEwan Fraser Legal should help you achieve maximum interest in your property, and makes your house hugely attractive to buyers who may only be thinking of moving and who are struggling to sell their own property.

Do not underestimate how powerful this Part Exchange marketing strategy is for prospective buyers, as it is one of the reasons why we were voted by the Sunday Times as the Best Estate Agency in the United Kingdom.

Many sellers who have been unable to sell their properties with other estate agents have changed to McEwan Fraser Legal and literally sold their property in a matter of weeks with our unique, chain-breaking Part Exchange option. See our Success Videos.

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How does your Part Exchange option work if I am looking to buy?

McEwan Fraser Legal will refer you to MP Ltd. which operates independently from McEwan Fraser Legal. If your property meets MP Ltd.' buying criteria, you will be assured of a guaranteed cash offer for your own property, thus allowing you to make an offer for any property on our site. If successful, MP Ltd. will buy your property with an entry date that meets your own personal circumstances.

The Part Exchange option does not mean that our clients who are selling their properties are looking to exchange or swap their properties with yours.

What if Part Exchange doesn't work for me?

Some people are worried that they will be wasting time viewing other properties when an offer for their property might not work out. We can understand why some people might raise this as a legitimate objection. Every Part Exchange situation is entirely different and for Part Exchange to work successfully it normally involves flexibility between the buyer and seller as well as MP Ltd.

Therefore, it is not as simple as saying MP Ltd. can offer "X amount for your property", as the most important consideration for most people is the actual "cost to change" from your property to the next. It is also a time-consuming process for MP Ltd. to value your property when you have not decided if the Part Exchange property you are interested in actually meets your requirements.

Thus, to allow us to properly deal with your Part Exchange enquiry, we need you to complete our online form to assess your eligibility for Part Exchange. Just because the numbers don't work for Part Exchange in one particular property, it does not necessarily mean Part Exchange will not work for you on another property.

Why do more Estate Agents not offer Part Exchange?

The simple reason is money and expertise, as MP Ltd. have literally bought and sold hundreds of properties using private equity funds and strategic investment partnerships*.

MP Ltd. have an experienced investment team with the necessary skills to operate in this highly specialised market and only work exclusively with McEwan Fraser Legal. This relationship ensures McEwan Fraser Legal have something entirely different to help sell all our clients' properties.

What do you actually mean when you say "Cost to Change"?

Let's say your property has a home report value of £100k and the property you are looking to buy has a home report value of £150k. Let's assume you achieve the full home report value for your own house and you paid the full home report value for the property you are looking to buy. So the cost to change to the next property is £50k (£150k-£100k).

Let's assume you only achieved £85k for your property through selling it to MP Ltd. and the seller of the property at £150k agreed to take £135k. Therefore the "cost to change" is still the same £50k.

Please note: The figures in the above example are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily represent what you may or may not be offered for your property.

Does MP Ltd. need to view my property before they make me a formal offer?

MP Ltd. would normally need to view your house before they make you a formal offer. However, time can be saved if you are able to provide an accurate estimate of the price you are seeking for your property. Please note that the more realistic you are with your price expectations, the more likely that Part Exchange will work for you.

Please also note it will be unlikely that MP Ltd. will offer you the full market value for your property and you should always seek independent legal advice before accepting any offer for your property.

MP Ltd. will always work hard to achieve a "cost to change" that can work for both the buyer and the seller.Many sellers who have been unable to sell their properties with other estate agents have changed to McEwan Fraser Legal and literally sold their property in a matter of weeks with our unique, chain-breaking Part Exchange option.

What will MP Ltd.' offer for my property be based upon?

It would be beneficial if your property has had an independent valuation so you are fully aware of your property's true market value. Any offer made by MP Ltd. for your property will vary depending upon the location, size, value and condition.

You can contact MP Ltd. for full details by completing the online form.

Does MP Ltd. make an offer for every property?

No, they do not offer on every property as certain properties may be unsuitable to MP Ltd. and do not fulfill their buying criteria.

The most common reasons for an agreement not being reached include price differential, structural defects, mortgage unsuitability, we don't buy in your area, your property may have limited buyer appeal and our seller may have considerable other interest in their property from cash buyers.

I am very interested in a Part Exchange property you have advertised - what do I have to do next?

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive for our Part Exchange option, we would be grateful if you could follow the guidelines below:

  • Fully understand how our Part Exchange process works by taking the time to read the information above and by watching our Part Exchange video on this page.
  • We would recommend that it is advisable to view the property that you are interested in, however, we do appreciate that you may not wish to do this until you know if our Part Exchange option can work for your particular financial circumstances. So please help us by completing our online form which will allow one of our experienced Part Exchange consultants to review your details and to decide whether Part Exchange can work for the property that you are interested in, based upon the information you have provided.
  • Once we receive your fully completed Part Exchange enquiry form, a member of the Part Exchange team will endeavour to get back to you, as quickly as possible, and no later than three working days to hopefully take matters to the next stage.

Why do some agents try to discredit our Part Exchange option?

You usually find it's only the weakest Estate Agents - those who are only able to entice sellers with low fees and no upfront costs - who try their hardest to discredit our Part Exchange option as they are short of professional selling skills to actually promote their own business.

Credible, professional estate agents concentrate on selling the benefits of their own organisation. They secretly admire the innovation and success of our Part Exchange option and most understand our Part Exchange option is not all about a buyer getting significantly less for their property. We take it as a back-handed compliment that some competitors try very hard to discredit our innovative Part Exchange option.

The people who really matter to us are all the clients who we have helped move home through our Part Exchange option, see our success Videos and all the experienced judges who have looked closely at our business model and voted McEwan Fraser Legal - The Best Estate Agency in United Kingdom 2013, the Best Estate Agency for Innovation in the United Kingdom and the Best Estate Agency in Scotland, two years running. No one can argue with our track record.

Please Note: MP Ltd. operates independently from McEwan Fraser Legal. Sellers should always seek independent legal advice before accepting any offers for their property.

Looking to sell your property?

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