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used McEwan Fraser Legal


*1% Estate Agency fee - £2,000

(paid only if the property sells)


used an Online Agent


Fixed Estate Agency fee - Typically £800

(paid whether the property sells or not)

What budget estate agents don't want you to know

Mathew achieves just 5% over the Home Report value with McEwan Fraser Legal.

Mathew - pays commission at 1% of £210K = £2,100 Net proceeds of sale - £207,900

Paul typically only achieves the Home Report value for his property, in many cases much less.

Paul - £200K minus £800 Net proceeds of sale - only £199,200

In this example, Mathew achieves £8,700 more by using McEwan Fraser Legal than Paul's online agent. In the above example, the true cost of using an online agent is £8,700 more expensive.

Why will I achieve more?

McEwan Fraser Legal create competitive bidding on closing dates by offering Part Exchange and employing professional Negotiators.

Why am I likely to achieve less?

Online agents have already been paid upfront meaning there is absolutely no incentive for achieving a higher offer for your property.

Take the McEwan Fraser Legal challenge.

If we don't achieve you the Home Report value or above on our premium marketing package, we will fully refund the cost of your Home Report. *1% represents our basic sales package.