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At McEwan Fraser Legal we take the pre-purchase process just as serious at the conveyancing process, ensuring you secure your dream home at the best price possible.

Purchasing a property is undoubtedly the most significant financial decision you will probably ever make in your life, which is why we go the extra mile by appointing you with a dedicated Purchase Negotiator. Your Purchase Negotiator will provide you with expert knowledge, guidance, and full support in not only helping you find your next property but also securing your new property at the best possible price through skilled negotiation to avoid you overpaying.



Once you have an idea of the price range of properties you are interested in, you will have to arrange your Mortgage. Even before you begin a detailed search for a property, it is recommended that you speak with your Mortgage Lender or Mortgage Broker and agree on how much you can borrow. A formal offer can quickly lead to a binding contract, so it is essential that your funding arrangements are in place beforehand. We can refer you to dedicated Mortgage Brokers who specialise in different occupations in securing you the best market rates, not the provider who provides the biggest commission.

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When it comes to submitting offers, our main objective is to secure your property at the lowest possible price. We work closely with you to agree on a purchasing strategy where we can test the seller at different price points to help avoid you overpaying when buying a property. We also use all our connections with different agents across Scotland to obtain some insight into sellers' price expectations. We will forward you a complimentary property negotiation report with helpful advice, tips, and buying strategies to help you avoid overpaying.

Before we proceed with submitting a formal offer, it is essential that we find out the following information:

  • What level of interest is there for the property?
  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Are there any concerns raised in the Home Report about the property?
  • How motivated is the seller to sell?
  • Have any previous offers fallen through and why?
  • Does the seller need to sell because they have had an offer accepted on another property?
  • The sellers' price expectations and onward circumstances. If you can match your offer on the same day the seller moves this is very attractive to the seller, (it is important you ask these two questions at the viewing, as it will help decide at what level to make your offer, providing the seller is forthcoming with this information).
  • The above information will give us a better indication of what you should be offering on the property. Please note there is no fee for us submitting formal offers or for reviewing Home Reports before you make an offer.

Please be aware that our legal team is unable to submit offers for properties we're marketing, as it's an industry standard to prevent conflicts of interest. Nevertheless, should you wish to make an offer on one of our properties, we'd be delighted to provide a recommendation for a qualified solicitor who can assist you with the process.

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You will then be passed to your allocated Solicitor who will be your main point of contact for your conveyancing transaction. Please be aware that some of our solicitors have Paralegals, Legal Executives, or Legal Assistants who may assist them with your transaction. They will also be able to keep you informed of the progress of your transaction if your solicitor is not available. This means you will always be able to speak with someone who is familiar with your transaction.

The contract for the purchase is called the “Missives”. Missives are a series of formal letters between Solicitors based on the respective seller and buyers’ instructions. Your offer forms the first formal letter of the Missives.

When your offer is accepted, we will request you to complete the following documents:

• Complete our online ID Check.

• Provide us with 6 months bank statements to show where the deposit is coming from.

• Complete our Source of Funds form.

• Arranging your mortgage offer (please let us know if you need assistance with instructing a recommended Mortgage Broker).

We will also provide you with our “Purchasing Process Guide” to refer to when your offer is accepted.



Please note some transactions can fall through due to no fault of the buyer. Sometimes we may find a defective title, or the seller may withdraw from the transaction because their onward purchase falls through or their circumstances change. If you opt for our fully comprehensive conveyancing service, there is no fee for abortive transactions.



McEwan Fraser Legal would be delighted to act on your behalf for the purchase of your next property.

Once you identify any suitable property you would like to proceed with, please forward the relevant property’s Home Report, property website link, and any background information regarding the sellers’ circumstances that you may be aware of.

The first step is making a formal offer on a property