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When Would I Change Estate Agents

If you've been on the market for some time and seen little interest or just decreasing interest in your property it could be a sign that your current estate agent isn't marketing your property effectively. You should discuss any issues you're having with your estate agent and if you feel that there is no real positive response then it could be time to consider changing estate agents.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing Estate Agents

Changing Estate Agents can help your property in many different ways, this depends mainly on which estate agents you change to and from. When choosing your new estate agent you should make them aware of the reasons that you are changing agent and discuss what they would would do differently to improve your results. This could vary from featuring your property more prominently on their website, recommending a premium portal pack to get your property in front of more people online, a price change and anything in-between.

If you're happy with the actions they will take then it could be time to make the move.

Will Changing Estate Agents Cost me More Money

Again, as before, this depends on the agents that you have chosen, typically you will have to pay upfront costs to your original agent (Home Report, Photography, etc). You may also have to pay upfront fees to your new estate agent depending on their pricing model. The real cost however, could be in not changing estate agent when your property is not performing as well as it should be. If your market isn't receiving much interest then you may be tempted to accept a lower value that you otherwise would which could end up costing you much more than the fees incurred when changing estate agent.

Here at McEwan Fraser Legal we have handled hundreds of agent changes and know that every agent change is different. We will listen to your reasons for changing and put together a strategy to combat the issues you've experienced with your existing agent to get you the results that you and your property deserve.

In our experience it is unlikely that you will see any change in the performance of your properties sale without changing and freshening up the way it is being marketed. We get results because we do things differently and we are not afraid to try new marketing techniques and approaches. Our success is has lead to other firms imitating our approaches with varying degrees of success.

If you choose to switch to McEwan Fraser Legal, unlike other some other estate agents, we are happy to use your existing home report, this saves on one of the potential costs we discussed in the previous section.

We appreciate that you may have already paid a marketing fee to your existing estate agent, however what you must decide is whether all of the above benefits are worth changing to an award winning estate agent who has - in our opinion - a thoroughly proactive approach to selling property.

If you have already paid a subscription to the ESPC / GSPC / BSPC / SSPC / TSPC this can be transferred to McEwan Fraser Legal for the balance remaining, and we will take care of the transfer with your approval.