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Whenever you put your property on the market, a Home Report will be carried out to discover more about the condition of the home, the energy efficiency of the home and more. McEwan Fraser Legal answered some common questions from both a buyer and seller perspective to make the whole process a bit more understandable. What is a Home Report? A Home Report is provided by a chartered surveyor, it is a pack of documents that gives potential buyers information about a property for sale. The report consists of three components:

  • a single survey (detailed information about the condition and value of the home)
  • an energy report (give’s the home’s energy efficiency rating)
  • a property questionnaire (filled in by the seller of the property service providers etc)

You can see sample copies of these reports at the Scottish Government's home report website.

Who needs a Home Report?

Sellers must have a Home Report before putting their property on the market. This is to help buyers find out key information about properties they are interested in, before arranging viewings and making offers. If a buyer asks for a copy of a Home Report, it should be sent through within nine days, and will most likely be sent electronically.

Do all properties need a Home Report?

There are some properties that don’t need a Home Report. Exceptions include caravans, newly converted premises, unsafe properties and properties to be demolished. If a property does not require a Home Report, the seller will still need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate.

Who pays for the Home Report?

The seller is responsible for paying the Home Report. Estate agents can help you organise it or you can organise it directly with a chartered surveying firm.

How much does a Home Report cost?

Dependent on individual surveying firms and will vary according to the size of the property.

How long is the Home Report valid for?

The Home Report pack should be no more than 12 weeks old when your property goes on the market.

I am a private seller, do I still need a Home Report?

Sellers can make private sales but they are still required to compile a Home Report pack if they are advertising the property in any way.

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