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Written reviews are the most common way for clients to review, recommend and critique a service. Reviews go a long way when convincing people that you are the right choice for a product/service, however, written reviews should be treated with a little caution. Some written testimonials can come across as fake and untrustworthy as there’s no proof that it was actually written by a client, and not just the company’s marketing department or a family friend. A recent article on Estate Agent Today stated that The Competition and Markets Authority is clamping down on businesses that con consumers by creating and publishing fake reviews. The Authority has ordered a company to stop writing fake reviews for small businesses and to try to trying to ensure the removal of those that have been written and displayed online. This is happening across all industries including within the property industry. If a company gains 4000 reviews in less than a year, can they really all be honest and true? How can you be sure that a testimonial is by a real life client in your shoes? Someone who used the service or bought the product? McEwan Fraser Legal chose to use video testimonials rather than text to combat this issue and truly deliver authenticity. It is a much more trustworthy approach, adding feeling and validity to a review. You can actually see the client, in their own property, talking about their experience first-hand. We are one of the only estate agents to provide video testimonials from clients, and we have been doing this for over 5 years. We want to show you who our clients are, and instil trust with our future clients by providing an emotional connection with a real person's story. A previous client might be talking about a situation that you can relate to. We’re constantly receiving amazing feedback, both written and video, from those who have sold with us. We are proud to now have over 360 video testimonials from clients based across Scotland, varying from Engineers to Police Officers, who are so happy with the service we provided that they wanted to go on camera and tell you about it. Hopefully this shows you the strength of the relationships we have with our clients during the sale of a property. This client trust that we build with our clients can’t be seen in a written testimonial which is why we highly recommend that you don’t just take the word of a written testimonial in future. Look for further evidence that the service or product you are buying is going to suit you and your needs. We’d be delighted to tell you first-hand about what McEwan Fraser Legal can do for you when it comes selling your property, but why not also have a look at what some of our previously clients have to say: