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If any buyers are looking for a property it is incredibly important for estate agents to come out at the top of the page in Google search engines for key property search terms. If your estate agent is not at the top of the first page for the most regular used search terms, buyers will have difficulty in locating your property. McEwan Fraser Legal will always try to ensure we are in in the top 3 listings by investing in search engine optimization techniques for the most popular search terms for a property search. If buyers can't find your property on Google you will reduce the amount of traffic and interest in your property.

If you type in McEwan Fraser Legal in your internet browser you will find over 15 full pages of links to other websites which can only enhance the exposure of your own property whenever anyone commences a search of property in your area. By having all these links, this will help to ensure your property appears on the first page of Google if anyone searches for a property in your area or postcode.