Are you looking for land opportunities?

No matter the scale of your property, our Land and Planning division at Countrywide provides in-depth guidance, leveraging our localized know-how and up-to-date market insights to enhance your property's value.

We've significantly invested in our specialized land service to offer a cohesive land solution. Our land divisions, positioned strategically across the UK, deal with premium sites available both on and off the market. With our profound local understanding, we assist landowners, developers, and various entities through the intricate processes of selling or buying land, aiming to expedite timelines and increase profitability.

Our expert team offers tailored services to a wide array of clients and organizations interested in evaluating the potential of both large and small parcels of land, regardless of their planning status. Additionally, we collaborate with top UK developers to match them with prime land that meets their specific needs.

Our offerings encompass:

  • Land sales and purchases
  • Land appraisals
  • Strategic land development
  • Land consolidation
  • Negotiations for option and promotion agreements
  • Assessments for planning and Section 106 contributions
  • Solutions for Affordable Housing

As part of the UK's leading estate agency and property services network, with over 60 brands across 650 locations, Countrywide is uniquely positioned to address inquiries concerning lands of any size, value, and location.

Reach out to our land professionals for a confidential and complimentary, no-commitment evaluation of your land.

To discover how our local Land & Planning team can help increase your land's value, get in touch with us today.