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If I need to make a complaint, what is the procedure?

McEwan Fraser Legal strive to deliver and maintain a consistently high quality service, however, should our standards not meet with your expectations, we have set out our complaints procedure below.

The appointed Complaints Officer for McEwan Fraser Legal is:

Angela Reid, Client Relationship Manager
McEwan Fraser Legal
Claremont House,
130 East Claremont Street,

• Complaints must be submitted in writing to the Client Relationship Manager and should contain specific details in relation to the
aspects of our service that may not have met with your expectations using our complaints form. Please provide any supporting
documentation such as e-mails, letters or official paperwork, including timelines that will support your complaint. Please also
provide the resolution you are seeking.

• On receipt of any written complaint, McEwan Fraser Legal will acknowledge receipt.

• Complaint handling will be dealt with as per our Terms of Business, however, we will endeavour to formally respond to any
complaints within a maximum of 35 days.. We reserve the right to have up to 60 days to fully investigate and respond to any
complaints of a serious and/or complicated nature. Please note during any investigation we reserve the right to listen to any call
recordings in connection with your complaint.

You can download a copy of our complaints procedure using the link below: