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"McEwan Fraser Legal's innovation is a bespoke interactive IT system that supports the sales journey from start to finish. "The PRO' (Property Progress Organiser) system allows clients to become part of the internal information sharing, but also works with the staff to reinforce their customer service standards via end-to-end tracking. Integrated with both the front and back-end operations it gives full visibility of every aspect of the transaction. Clients are able to log on to identify which stage their transaction is at and with whom it is sitting for action; they can also access all the documents associated with the sale. The tracking board functionality offers a live feed for property particulars and matching. This system was coded by in-house web developers, so can be scaled and amended as required. The directors understand how effective technology can free up the team, enabling them to spend the saved time giving an enhanced personal touch. Size for size McEwan Fraser Legal is fast gaining on the big agencies."