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Some ideas for creating your own DIY lights:

  1. An old bicycle rim with beads makes a lovely and interesting looking chandelier. Simply extend your creation to hang just under your light.
  2. Old hats make interesting and arty looking pendant lights.
  3. For a rustic and organic look, simply find a piece of wood and use it as the base for your standing lamp.
  4. A selection of old buttons strung and hung from a frame, makes for a very crafty looking lampshade.
  5. Hanging books between a large selection of naked pendant lights, transforms your ceiling into an imaginative space.
  6. Old glass jars grouped together makes a great country looking chandelier.

Or we love the look you get when grouping old wine bottles together and extending this with a rustic looking chain gives the ultimate urban and rustic look for any kitchen or dining room

Our favourite find has to be the idea of turning old tea cups and saucers into wonderful shabby chic lamp shades