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If your home has carefully selected smart technology with multiple functions, this can be very beneficial to both your property and wallet – adding significant value to your home’s market price.

The latest Barclays Mortgages Digital Homes Report found that demand for homes fitted with digital technology such as smart heating, high-speed internet and energy use monitoring systems is rising, with nearly a third of homeowners believing that a property with connected technology is worth more than one without.

The Digital Homes Report also found that prospective homeowners are more likely to want fast broadband than a big garden. Even if you aren't looking to sell, adding smart home features will make your life easier as you can control the way your home runs, wherever you are, right from your phone/tablet.

So, based on the report by Barclays, the top five technologies that homeowners would pay extra for when buying a new property are: Solar panels (31%) – provide cost effective energy for charging devices in the home Fibre-optic cable (21%) – super-fast broadband speeds Smart security alarm (19%) – connected to the internet and be controlled via the mobile app Sensor technology for the home (16%) – a sensor that detects motion in your home, it automatically turns on your lighting when someone enters the house Smart thermostats (15%) – puts on the heating before you return home via the mobile app While, it also found that people are less likely to pay extra on: Smart fridges (4%) Smart doorbells (5%) Smart ovens (5%) Mobile phone signal boxes (8%) Induction cooktops (8%) Whether you’re thinking of selling your home next month or next year, you still have plenty of time to enhance your home technology.

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