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As the weather warms up, the property market often does too and there are a number of reasons as to why this is the case. Here are a few tips to help make your property stand out in the summer market. For sellers, this time of year is a great time to present your property in its ‘best light’. Not only can you draw attention to the internal features of your home but also to the external ones - the garden is a good place to start.

Front and back garden space

  • Make sure your lawns are in good condition and regularly cut. Remember to trim any plants and hedges, especially those high ones which may form unwanted shade and shadows across the garden. You may even want to consider planting a few bright flowers to give your garden a more summery feel.
  • If you have a patio, give the furniture a good clean and rearrange it so it is neat and tidy before viewings.
  • Don’t forget to clear the front of your property as it’s the first thing buyers will see. In particular the driveway – make sure it’s well maintained with no clutter like rubbish bins, bicycles and toys.
  • Summer, of course, provides an excellent opportunity to include excellent external features into your marketing materials such as brochures and online websites. Photographs of the garden or the breath-taking views from your property will be a great advantage when attracting buyers to the property. So get snapping, or even consider inviting your photographer back to update existing images.
  • You may like to consider giving your fences and doors a fresh lick of paint.
  • Buyers will also be more attracted to a property that has guttering that is clean and in good repair, it shows that your property is well maintained.

Not only is summer a good time of year for making the outside of your property look desirable, but whilst the additional light is streaming in there are also plenty of advantages internally.

Let the light in

  • Open curtains wide to light up rooms, and open windows or patio doors to bring the fresh summer breezes in.
  • It’s important to have clean windows from an external and internal viewpoint.
  • Another simple but effective tip is to take advantage of the seasonal flowers this summer – improve the presentation of your property by strategically placing these throughout your home.
  • As well as bringing natural light to the property, you can brighten up your home by investing in some summer home accessories. For example, cushions in bright colours, lightweight curtains, and crisp white beddings.

Whether you’re planning to head away this year on a summer holiday or not, don’t miss the summer market if you are thinking about selling and it is a brilliant time to start marketing your property – take advantage of the longer days and warmer weather by presenting your home to market in, quite literally, the best possible light.

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