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Moving home can be a very stressful experience, especially over the festive period. We have put together some top tips for moving home this season to ease this stress.

  1. Book a professional removal company early

The run up to Christmas can be very busy as some removal companies might have staff shortages due to holidays, so remember to book them in advance.

  1. Be ready for the weather

Moving in the winter could possibly mean the move takes place in the dark so remember to bring torches, dress warm and have extra clothes in the car.

  1. Get your car serviced

Make sure that your car is running well and has been recently checked over or serviced. This is especially important if you’re travelling a long distance to your new home. The last thing you want to happen is for your journey to be interrupted by a breakdown, leaving you stranded between homes in the cold weather.

  1. Set off early

The sooner you can get out on the road, the better. No one wants to be arriving at a new home late at night when there are dark evenings and cold weather to contend with, so ensuring you are organised early in the day is essential.

  1. Start packing now

Organise your packing well in advance – start with the things that you are less likely to use straight away (don't forget to label your boxes carefully). This is also an opportunity for de-cluttering and donating unwanted items to charity shops.

  1. Save on the packing

Why not think about buying gift vouchers as Christmas presents? This will help to save a lot of time and space.

  1. Keep valuables in a safe place

In all the additional excitement of the festive season, make sure that your valuables (including documents, passports and jewelleries) are kept in a safe and secure place – and that you remember where you put them!

  1. Settle in quickly

Make your new house feel like home by putting up curtains, turning on the heating as soon as you can and having a few throws and cushions easily accessible- this will make it feel cosy in no time.

Also, why not consider ordering a takeaway or an online grocery delivery? Put your feet up and enjoy celebrating Christmas in your new home!