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Yesterday, Dundee FC and McEwan Fraser Legal teamed up to host the Biggest Home Game. The sun was shining and 100 very happy kids got to play the game of their lives against the Dundee FC first team. Dundee FC took a hit in their pre-season preparations yesterday, as the Dark Blues were downed by a team of Dee Kids – one hundred of them! The lucky Dee kids were given the chance to play after picking up a Golden Ticket from McEwan Fraser Legal, the club’s main sponsor, by being one of the first 100 to purchase Dundee FC’s 2017/18 away shirt, which went on sale at the end of June. The unique match took place after the club’s open day, and the stadium was a sea of red and dark blue, as the juniors gathered together to form the biggest team line up in Scottish football history. The pre-match fair play handshake took six minutes, alone! Watch behind the scenes here:

Boss Neil McCann managed the 100 juniors and had a clear strategy to win the game (including a ball up the jumper move), which paid off with a 5–2 victory against the 11 men – a huge well done to them!

Graham Gartland managed the 11 big kids, for whom goalkeeper Scott Bain scored his very first goal for the side, despite defeat.

The new assistant manager took defeat particularly badly, telling the media in his post-match interview that gaffer Neil McCann was, “Just a poor man’s Jamie Redknapp,” fuelling suggestions that McCann had exerted undue influence upon the match (not least when he cleared a shot off the line for the kids, to maintain their three goal lead).

A fantastic day was had by all, as you can so by the pictures!!

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