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For buyers first impressions are crucial, so with a little bit of TLC, effort and forward planning, a seller can turn their property into an irresistible and desirable home for any purchaser and maximise their price. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to add value to selling your home and maybe help get a quick sale: First impressions count The entrance to your home is the first thing buyers will see, and they may well make a decision about your property before walking through the door. Have a welcoming appearance by adding a fresh coat of glossy paint on the front door, this gives the impression that the house is well cared for. Make sure you mow the lawn between viewings, and remove any weeds as soon as they appear. If viewings are taking place after dark, ensure your house is well lit before viewers arrive and leave an external lamp on. Create more space by decluttering Getting rid of clutter helps to free up a little extra space in the house that wasn’t there before. Since you’re selling the property, now is the perfect time to either throw unused or not needed items cluttering up your home away, or donate to charity. Don’t forget to remove extra furniture, this trick could create a feeling of space and helps the house feel less crowded. Make it bright and beautiful Colour is great for enhancing instant glamour to your property - making the place more cosy and luxurious. By adding a splash of paint here and a vibrant cushion there - it's amazing how you can transform a room with some simple but lively touches. Fix it! Make sure buyers are not put off by any outstanding minor repairs:

  • Replace cracked/lifting flooring or wall tiles
  • Fix dripping taps and squeaking doors
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Refresh the front door
  • Patch any holes and cracks in the walls and ceiling
  • Put sealants on moulds forming in the kitchen, bathrooms etc

No creature, great or small

Although your pet may be an adored family member, not all buyers are animal lovers. If possible, remove pets when someone is viewing the property. Remember to remove all evidence of animal smell, muddy paw prints or grubby nose prints on windows and doors.

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