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Put Yourself in the Potential Buyer's Shoes

This means trying to imagine you are someone coming to look at your home to potentially buy. What would you want to see? Would you want to see a toddler in a high chair throwing food at the walls? Most likely not! Especially if you don’t have little ones yourself.

While you may be used to food-throwing and tantrums it’s probably wise you minimise the chance of this happening during viewings. Try to create a peaceful setting (it can resume normal chaos as soon as the viewer steps out the door), this will allow the prospective buyer to envision their life there, free from distraction.

Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean

Muddy footprints on the carpet, crayons on the walls or food stains on the sofa? We cannot emphasise enough the importance of a good deep clean! Children or not your home should be well-presented if you’re hoping to get a sale. This means clean as well as tidy.

Nobody wants to walk into their potential new abode and be instantly put off by mucky floors or stained furniture. You want them to imagine living there and that might be tricky if they don’t find it up to their standards of cleanliness.



The more people in your home the more stuff you have, that’s a fact. But with more stuff comes more clutter. Especially when your little ones have been spoilt with lots of toys.

While it’s nice to make your family home feel ‘homely’ keep the clutter to a minimum. This allows new buyers a chance to look at the house as a whole and not just as a playroom filled to the brim with toys with little room for imagination.

It’s important to keep in mind that clutter not only makes your house look messier but also smaller. Not exactly what you want when trying to get it sold quickly

By taking note of these 3 tips you can transform your family home into one that appeals to many different prospective buyers. People love to see a home that’s been lived in and one that has a cosy feel to it but they also need to see its potential.

There’s a fine line between chaos and comfort.

If you’re in the process of getting your home ready for viewings, why not involve all family members (kids included) to help? Ask the little ones to find a new place for their beloved toys while you crack on with the cleaning. It’s also probably wise to keep the crayons and play-doh out of reach until moving day.

But yes, while selling your house can be stressful it doesn’t need to be any more so with kids in the picture. It’s good to communicate with them (if they’re old enough) so they know what's going on, and get them excited for new beginnings elsewhere. This should avoid any resistance they may exhibit.