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It is essential part of home safety that you carry out regular safety checks around the house and now is great time of year to this. Making these checks not only prevents thousands of accidents happening in the home each year, but it also protects your family and your property. Why not follow our simple home safety checklist to prevent hazards in and around your home: □ Get your smoke alarms tested and cleaned □ Test smoke alarm batteries and make sure they are changed as needed. □ Ensure your smoke alarm is less than 10 years old □ Make sure electrical cords do not run under rugs □ Ensure electrical cords are not frayed or cracked □ Check your carbon monoxide alarms and make sure its less than 7 years old □ Keep up to date with the routine checks on your Boiler □ Get your chimney and furnace cleaned and inspected A safe home is a happy home so think about ticking these things off your ‘to-do' list today!