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With a setting of mountains, rocky crags and the winding river Forth, Stirling is Scotland’s youngest city and ‘the brooch which clasps together the Highlands and the Lowlands'. If its history and exploring that rock your boat then you’re spoiled for choice in Stirling. This city has secured a major place in the story of Scotland with legendary battles, kings, heroes and villains. So important was Stirling that it was often said in past times that ‘He who holds Stirling holds Scotland’, advice that fired William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Its strategic location in the centre of the country meant it was the commercial, royal and political centre of Scotland for hundreds of years. Stirling Castle remains the most spectacular historic landmark with the more recent Wallace monument and Bannockburn Heritage Centre paying testimony to the city’s proud past. The Old Town is still thick with reminders from medieval times with an abundance of fascinating places that will keep you intrigued for years including Argyll’s Lodgings, the Old Town Jail, Cowanes Hospital and Back Walk Beheading Stone. These days Stirling has all the buzz and cosmopolitan culture you’d expect from a University City. Two theatres, two cinemas, contemporary art galleries and live performance spaces including the renowned McRob Arts Centre at the University, Smith Art Gallery and Museum, the Tolbooth and the Albert Halls. A great choice of Scottish and international restaurants, great bars and entertainment make going out in Stirling a different experience every weekend if you desire. Stirling is compact and pedestrian-friendly with nearly 100,000 people living in and around the city. The city is a regional shopping destination with four light and airy malls that give rain-free access to over 100 outlets from department stores to designer chic that can be found at Stirling Arcade and the Thistles Shopping Centre. There are 40 primary schools and 7 secondary schools in the Stirling area. These are some of the best performing in Scotland, with results consistently above the national average. Stirling has a strong business presence and leading sectors include tourism, financial services, agriculture and food. Its central location and excellent transport links are ideal for attracting investment and reaching customers. Stirling's sporting community is very active. Whatever your age, you're sure to find a club or organisation to suit you and it’s no surprise that the National Centre for Sporting Excellence is located at Stirling University. Outside of Stirling the surrounding countryside is beautiful and you’re only a short drive from Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Proud history, great ‘going out’ places, contemporary culture, where Highlands and Lowlands meet – just some of the reasons to move to Stirling!