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Home ownership has been considered for a long time as a key life ambition. However, two fifths (40%) of Scottish non-homeowners do not believe they will ever be a home owner, Bank of Scotland’s latest 'How Scotland Lives' research has found. Just over a quarter (26%) believe this to be a normal situation to be in, while 14% are concerned about the prospect of never being a homeowner. Does this evidence suggest that things have changed? For a combination of economic and cultural factors many people choose to rent. So have people changed their attitudes towards being a home owner? What do you think? Our CEO, Ken McEwan comments that he believes the report’s findings are down to a shift in lifestyle priorities. He said: “In different parts of the country there are different employment rates and different average pay rates, which will all have an effect on people’s pessimism about being a home owner, but many people who could afford to buy a house have no aspiration to buy a property. It is all about people’s priorities in life. People are more transient than ever before and many see being a home owner as a burden.” Read the full article here: We would like to hear your thoughts.