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The weather might be gloomy outside today, but it does not stop us celebrating the beauty of Scotland and St Andrew’s Day. At McEwan Fraser Legal, we wish everyone a happy St Andrew's Day and a great start to the week! We also thought we would share a couple of St Andrew’s Day facts with you. You may know that St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and that St Andrew’s Day is celebrated on the 30th November every year. You may also know that St Andrew's Day is a day to celebrate Scottish culture, food and dance and the St Andrew's flag is the flag of Scotland, a white X on a blue background more commonly known as The Saltire. But did you know that St Andrew's Day is connected with Advent, which officially begins on the first Sunday after November 26 and marks the beginning of Scotland’s winter festivals? Did you also know that St Andrew is also the patron saint of Romania, Greece and Russia? For more facts about St Andrew visit: McEwan Fraser Legal hope you have a great St Andrew’s Day whether working or enjoying the day off. (Photos taken by our professional in-house photographer)