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Get Started on Periscope

To join a live tour or have a live chat at 3pm daily, first you have to:

1) Download the app on your smart phone - either an iOS / Apple Device in the Apple Store or your Android device. in the Playstore. There are already imitation apps with similar names, so make sure you download Periscope, owned by Twitter, that it is free. Follow the very simple steps on your screen to get going. As with any new app, there's a bit of a learning curve when using Periscope for the first time.

2) Secondly, create an account. If you have a Twitter account, you can simply create an account with your Twitter account information. All of your profile information from Twitter will automatically transfer over, but you do have the option to edit this later if you want. If you don’t have Twitter, that’s okay. The app now has an option for you to just sign up with your phone number.

3) Start following people. If you sign up with your Twitter account, those folks you follow on Twitter will automatically be listed as people to follow on Periscope. This is a great place to start because hopefully you already like the content they provide. Don’t forget to follow @McEwanFraserLgl and #ScotProperty to get notifications of when we next broadcast. If you miss the notification, you can always tune in live at 3pm each day to find us.

4) Check your data plan. Notice this tip comes before actually watching a broadcast. Why? Because as you can imagine, if you think watching YouTube videos can eat up your data, wait until you watch live videos. Unless you have unlimited data, I suggest only watching broadcasts when you have access to wifi.

5) Watch your first broadcast - also known as ‘scope.’ When you open the Periscope app, you can see which broadcasts are live, and which ones recently ended. On Periscope, viewers influence the broadcaster by sending messages, and expressing their love by tapping the screen to send hearts. You can share the broadcast with others so they can watch it as well (slide to the right for Apple users and slide up for Android users). A replay of live broadcasts are available for 24 hours after they end.

6) Interact! Type your comments and questions during the scope and click send. Don’t hold back. If you want a closer view of the view from the bedroom window, type your comments in and our expert will follow your instructions. And if our property expert presenter is doing a really great job, tap the screen several times to give them some ‘hearts.’ It lets them know you appreciate their endeavours.

TIP: If you find some randoms that are disrespectful, you may want to block them. With Periscope, it couldn’t be easier. Tap their comment and select the ‘block user’ button, if someone gets disrespectful or spammy.