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For most of us pets are more than just furry friends, they are like family members. No matter how much we love them (and often forget that they are not human!) it is important that the family dog is not at home when you show viewers around.

Three reasons why Rover could cost you the sale of your home;

Some people are highly allergic to animal hair. This means that your potential buyer might be more occupied in their desperate search for allergy relief rather than seeing the potential of your property if they’re blinded by teary and itchy eyes.

Dogs can be scary, even the small breeds. Cynophobia, the abnormal fear of dogs, affects more people than you might think. Others might have had bad experiences with dogs in the past. Either way, you want your viewer to feel relaxed and imagine living in the property, not planning their escape route or cutting the viewing short.

Cheeky dogs can ‘steal’ your viewing. Ever walked into a house to be greeted by an overly excited dog that cannot stop barking? What if your cheeky chow starts jumping up on your viewer or even worse falls in love with their leg? We all like a little romance but it’s up to you to make sure your pooch is out the way and can’t steal the show with any awkward moments.