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Here are some of our favourite ideas for creative headboards you can make yourself. Recycled or throw away pieces can become lovely headboards for a fraction of the price of one in the shops.

  1. By using tongue and groove wood from old floorboards or wall coverings, you could create a dramatic effect by continuing the pattern above the bed, on the ceiling.
  2. Using old book covers is a cheap and cheerful alternative and ideal for bookworms.
  3. Putting a shelve above the bed gives you the opportunity to display all your favourite items and is an ideal space saving solution
  4. A pair of old shutters placed behind the bed, give a lovely peaceful feel to the room
  5. A selection of old oars can give your room a rustic feel and ideal if you live closer to the water for that beach feel.
  6. By hanging some 3D art just above your bed, it creates a lovely artwork and headboard to frame your bed.
  7. An old fence or gate with flaking paint makes a great shabby chic headboard
  8. By cutting a piece of MDF to the shape you like and then painting it with Blackboard paint, you can create a great headboard and also a handy noticeboard above your bed