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Edinburgh is known for its top rated universities and whilst the majority of students choose to live in residential halls for the first year, they tend to move out into properties in the surrounding residential areas for the rest of their time at university. Below we have shared some of the most popular residential areas for students in Edinburgh. Newington Newington is one of the most popular areas for students of the University of Edinburgh to live. Many students live in the purpose-built ‘Pollock Halls of Residence’ in their first year at the University and then choose to stay close-by for their remaining years of study. If you are looking to live close to the main campus, Newington is located just a short distance from it, making it a convenient area to live. It is also home to a number of student-friendly bars and restaurants. Tollcross Tollcross is student-central for those attending Napier University. It boasts a wide range of student-friendly properties and is also located just five minutes away from the pubs and clubs of Cowgate and Grassmarket. Bruntsfield Bruntsfield is a popular residential area for both Napier University and Edinburgh University students, as it is in easy reach of both. With high quality flats that are just a ten-minute walk from the pubs and clubs in the city centre, it is the ideal student location. Marchmont Marchmont is just a short distance from Bruntsfield; however it is slightly closer to Edinburgh University. It is a highly sought after residential area for students, situated right next to the Meadows where many spend their time sunbathing and revising in the summer time. Like in Bruntsfield, the flats are student-friendly, of good quality and have all of the amenities you need close by. For more information about residential areas for students in Edinburgh, feel free to get in touch with one of the property experts here at McEwan Fraser Legal.