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It's no secret that buying your first home can be a daunting & terrifying experience. And when you are making decisions that will impact your life significantly, both now and in the future, it is essential to gather as much information as you can. To help you get on the property ladder, our Senior partner Ivan Ralph advises on what every first time buyer needs to know.

  • Have sufficient funds behind you to secure a deposit to allow you to buy your dream property.
  • Don't forget funds to cover additional fees for solicitors and other fees, removal costs, home furnishings and any decorative work that might be required.
  • Pick the right mortgage.
  • Do your research early and take expert advice from advisers.
  • Decide carefully what type of property to purchase. Shop Around. For example: new build homes need less maintenance but sometimes they come with packages that include kitchen appliances which go on to your mortgage.
  • Find out exactly how much you can borrow from your lender - agree how much they are willing to lend you, this help you decide on a maximum purchase price and ensure that you can find a home that you love within your budget.