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Buying a home is an emotional journey. You walk through the front door and all your senses are on high alert. The colours, the smells, the light, the space, the feel, the décor, the views – you are trying to take it all in at once. You are looking for something specific. It might be space for your growing family or a home that would be an extension of who you are. You are about to make the most expensive purchase of your life, a new home. It’s very important to remember that this is exactly the journey your viewers will go through when they walk through your property during a viewing, looking for that special new place to call home. People respond to smells and colours on a conscious and subconscious level. So, our top tip for this edition is to have flowers in your home for viewings. Flowers introduce colour and wonderful smells. A fresh bunch of flowers immediately brightens up a dull room. It will enhance your viewer’s experience of the property without them even being aware of it. The cherry on top is that you also get to enjoy the fresh aromas and colours in your home when you’re not hosting viewings.