Brexit employment

Brexit – what impact will this have on employees and businesses?

Deal or No Deal…….

With only a couple of weeks left to go until we are due to leave the EU there are many questions left unanswered and uncertainty over what will happen in the event we leave the EU with “no deal”.

What does this Brexit mean for me?

Given that a significant portion of our law relating to employees’ rights in the UK comes from the EU and that there are currently around almost 3 million EU employees working in the UK then this is not only going to affect those employees working in the UK but the businesses who employ them.

How can we help?

Here at McEwan Fraser we can offer you guidance on how best to prepare your business for this and also provide advice to EU national employees who may be worried about what Brexit means for them and their work status to remain employed in the UK once we leave the EU whether with a deal or in a “no deal” situation.

What can we do to prepare?

We have prepared some basic pointers below to get you thinking of what this may mean in practice for you and your business and would be happy to give you further detailed advice by contacting Kelly McManus at McEwan Fraser who is a solicitor with specialist experience in Employment Law.

Employees right to work in the UK – what will happen once we leave the EU?

Currently, EU nationals do not need a visa to work in the EU and can work in the same way as a UK citizen. If we leave the EU with “no deal” then EU nationals will be treated in the same way as non-EU nationals which may mean having to apply for a visa. Contact us for more information on what you will need to do.

What about EU nationals who are already working in the UK?

The UK Government have advised that people currently working in the EU will not have to do this depending on certain circumstances. These circumstances are constantly changing and we would strongly recommend that you take advice, whether you are an employee or running a business, to make sure you are ready for Brexit….

What will happen to employees/workers rights in the UK once we leave the EU?

The UK has a long-standing record of ensuring that workers’ rights are protected. This includes employment and equality rights and protections for health and safety at work. The decision to leave the EU should not change this. The UK Government has made a firm commitment to protecting workers’ rights, and to maintain protections covered in the Equality Acts and other areas of employment law.


For further information on this, please see below:-

EU (Withdrawal) Bill